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Scope with Reflex Sight on Top [Best in 2023]

scope with reflex sight on top

Is scope with reflex sight on top worth Buying in 2023? Today we are going to answer one of the most frequently asked questions about the scope and red dot combo.

The answer is “yes” because this combo works great for short-range as well as long-range shooting and hunting. You don’t need to buy different scopes for various shooting needs.

Usually, short-range scopes are not very good for long ranges and similarly, long-range scopes do not work for short ranges.

The simple solution to this problem is . Today, we have compiled a list of the best rifle scopes with reflex sights on top. Let’s take a look at these scopes one by one.

5 Best Scope with Reflex Sight on Top in 2023


UUQ 2.5-10×40 Combo Rifle Scope

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XOPIN Rifle Scope Combo Dual Illuminated 
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Pinty 4-in-1 Rifle Scope Combo
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Burris 300217 Armalite Rifle Tactical Sight
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Trijicon 4x32mm ACOG Dual Illumination
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UUQ Scope with Reflex Sight Combo

Technical Specifications:


Reflex Sight:

Laser Light:

Product Description:

The UUQ Scopes with reflex sight combo are well suited for close to mid-range shooting and hunting.

The 2.5-10×40 scope with reflex sight on top and integrated laser light allows for quick acquisition of close quarters and fast-moving targets.

durable all-metal construction makes it able to endure the punishment of rigorous field use.

This scope features a Mil-dot reticle with red and green illumination.

There are 5 brightness settings for each color reticle that allows you to place your bullets with extreme precision regardless of lighting or environment.

The reflex sight mounted on the scope comes with 4 different reticle patterns for various shooting situations.

Another amazing feature of this best scope and red dot combo is its integrated laser light. You can choose the laser light color from available red and green colors.

This detachable laser light has an on/off activation push button to use with ease. Its green color lenses are scratch-resistant and treated with multilayers coatings for a clear sight picture.

Package Contents
  • UUQ 2.5-10×40 scope with reflex sight combo.
  • Integrated Laser Light.
  • Allen Wrench.
  • 1 CR2032 Battery.
  • 3 AG10 Batteries.
  • Lens Covers.
  • Integrated Mount.
  • Instructions.
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth.

Pros and Cons of UUQ 2.5-10×40 Scope Mounted Reflex Sight

  • Price: This scope with reflex sight on top is very budget-friendly.
  • Built-in laser: Comes with the detachable built-in laser light for accurate shooting.
  • Multiple reticles: Scope features a Mil-dot reticle and Sight on top of scope comes with the 4 reticle patterns.
  • Scope red dot Laser combo: Variable magnification scope with a reflex sight and laser.
  • Weight: Slightly heavier than other scope with reflex sight on top.

XOPin 4-16x50EG Scope Red Dot Combo

Technical Specifications:


Red Dot Sight:


Product Description:

The next one on the list is XOPin 4-16x50EG scope with red dot on top. It is made of high-grade T6061 Aluminium and purged with dry nitrogen that allows you to stand up to any cold or wet condition.

Premium-quality fully coated optical lenses deliver a bright, clear, and well-detailed sight picture.

This scope with red dot carries a Multi-X reticle that has two red and green illumination colors.

The adjustable knob on the side allows you to toggle through 5 different illumination settings for each color to bring a better view in a dark environment.

Fingertip resettable Windage and Elevation adjustments move the point of impact by ¼ inches per click at 100 yards distance.

The red dot and scope combo provides a wide field of view for quick target acquisition.

This tubeless holographic sight with a detachable red or green laser is ideal for a wide range of shooting and hunting applications.

The 4 reticle patterns of this red dot on top of scope allow you to choose whatever is most comfortable for your application is.

Package Contents
  • XOPin 4-16x scope with reflex sight on top.
  • Compact red laser light.
  • Scope Lens Caps.
  • Allen Keys.
  • Two CR2032 Batteries.
  • Three AG13 Batteries.
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth.

Pros and Cons of XOPin 4-16x50EG scope with reflex sight on top

  • Sturdy Built: Rugged and reliable construction to deliver unfailing performance.
  • Magnification: Features a Powerful magnification of 4-16x.
  • Field of View: XOPin 4-16x50EG scopes with red dot have a big field of view.
  • Objective Lens: Comes with a massive 50mm objective lens for unmatched clarity.
  • Easy to zero: It is easy to zero and holds zero very well.
  • Laser: The laser is OK for close-range applications but It is too weak and unfocused at extended ranges.
  • Mount: The built-in mount does not have a lock feature.

Pinty Scope 3 9x Red Dot Sight With Laser

Technical Specifications:


Reflex Sight:


Product Description:

Another best ar scope red dot combo in an affordable price range is Pinty Scope 3 9x Red Dot Sight With Laser.

It comes in a stylish design and offers fast and powerful performance in the field.

The Pinty has packed this 3 in 1 scope into an aerospace aluminum alloy body for unrivaled durability.

Multi-coated optics of this AR 15 scope and red dot combo allows maximum light transmission for a clear and high-resolution image of the target.

The O-ring sealing and nitrogen filling make the main tube 100% waterproof and fog-proof.

There are 5 brightness levels for each color reticle that addresses the needs of low-light hunting and shooting.

The reflex sight on top of scope is highly accurate and delivers at its best compared to other overpriced holographic sights on the market.

With its unlimited eye relief and an ultra-wide field of view, it allows you to shoot with both eyes open even on the moving targets.

You also have the privilege of choosing among 4 different reticle patterns for each color.

Package Contents
  • Pinty 3 9x scope with reflex sight on top With Laser.
  • Red & Green Reflex Sight.
  • Green Dot Laser Sight.
  • One-inch High Riser.
  • One CR2032 Battery.
  • Three AG13 Batteries.
  • One 3V CR2 Lithium Battery.
  • 3 Allen Wrenches.
  • Lens Caps for Scope.
  • Cleaning Cloth.
  • Three Manuals.

Pros and Cons of Pinty 3 9x Scope with Reflex Sight on Top

  • Price: This 3-in-1 scope comes in an affordable price range.
  • Tubeless Design: The reflex sight has a tubeless design.
  • Mounting System: Comes with an easy and versatile mounting system.
  • Batteries: 5 different batteries for scope, sight, and laser are included in the package.
  • Brightness: 5 brightness levels for scope and electronic unlimited brightness control for the reflex sight.
  • Finish: The finish of the scope is a little rough.
  • Bulky: It is heavy and large.

Burris AR 15 Scope with Side Mounted Red Dot

Technical Specifications:


Reflex Sight:

Product Description:

Almost every rifle lover is familiar with the name Burris. This best ar scope red dot combo is a product of well-known company Burris optics.

It finds a place in this list because of its premium features and outstanding performance. This scope with sight is made for close-quarter engagement.

The Burris 300178 AR 15 scope and red dot combo are ideal for law enforcement personnel, military, and competitive shooters.

This prism sight carries a Ballistic CQ reticle that is designed and made specifically for competitive shooting and tactical situations.

Its 5x magnification and a large 36mm objective provide you with crisper and brighter images.

The side-mounted red dot sight is FastFire 3, one of the best-selling reflex sights from Burris.

Its 3 MOA red dot reticle has dual illumination settings; 3 manual brightness settings and an automatic setting that allow you to choose according to your needs.

The automatic time-out feature of this red dot sight saves power and helps the battery last up to 5 years.

Package Contents
  • Burris 300178 AR 15 Scope.
  • FastFire 3 red dot sight.
  • Carrying Case.
  • Anti-Reflection Device.
  • Picatinny Mount.
  • Torx wrench.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Lens Protective Cap.
  • Batteries.
  • Instructions.

Pros and Cons of Burris 300178 AR 15 Scope and Red Dot Combo

  • Automatic time-out feature: Auto-off after 8 hours saves battery if you forget.
  • Rugged Construction: The scope is made with high-grade aluminum and the red dot sight is built with stainless steel for added strength.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Ultra compact and super lightweight scope with reflex sight combo.
  • Warranty: This product is backed by the Burris Forever Warranty.
  • Light Settings: Multiple light settings for both scope and red dot sight.
  • No laser: This package contains the only scope and red dot sight.
  • Green Reticle: Reflex sight comes with a red dot reticle.

Trijicon ACOG Red Dot Combo

Technical Specifications:


Reflex Sight:

Product Description:

Our last pick for the list of best scope with reflex sight on top is Trijicon ACOG red dot combo. This scope with red dot sight is a great option for those that need premium features and powerful performance.

First of all, US forces have used this scope with reflex sight on top for close encounter missions. Now, the Trijicon has made a similar model for the public.

One of the most impressive features of this Trijicon scope is its dual-illuminated reticle that uses fiber optics & tritium for illumination.

This feature helps you to shoot and hunt even in low light conditions. It also allows for bullet drop compensation out to over 800 meters without any adjustment manually.

The red dot sight on top of ACOG comes in a patented housing shape that absorbs impacts to increase durability. Its user-friendly buttons on the sides allow you to toggle between manual and automatic modes of illumination.

It is the most versatile model of the Trijicon and is ideal for target shooting and hunting applications.

Package Contents
  • Trijicon ACOG Scope With Red dot on top.
  • Lenspen.
  • TA51 Mount.
  • Lanyard Assembly for Adjuster Caps.
  • Logo Sticker.
  • Warranty Card.
  • Manual.

Pros and Cons of Trijicon ACOG Scope With Reflex Sight on Top

  • Accurate & Precise: Incredibly accurate and precise scope with reflex sight on top.
  • Made in the US: Trijicon is a world-renowned American Company.
  • Battery Life: Red dot has an amazing battery life of over 4 years of continuous use.
  • Reticle: Dual illuminated etched crosshair reticle.
  • Battery-Free: Totally battery-free scope offers precision shooting in all light conditions.
  • Price: Expensive scope with reflex sight on top, but worth every penny.
  • Eye Relief: Comes with a bit of short eye relief.


Best Scope with Reflex Sight on Top [2023]Best For

UUQ 2.5-10×40 Combo Rifle Scope

Editor’s Choice
XOPIN Rifle Scope Combo Dual IlluminatedBest For the Money
Pinty 4-in-1 Rifle Scope ComboBudget Pick
Burris 300217 Armalite Rifle Tactical SightOverall Best
Trijicon 4x32mm ACOG Dual IlluminationPremium Pick
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