Red Dot vs Iron Sights [Which one is Better in 2023]

Red dot vs iron sights, which one is gonna be better for your rifle? If you need to shoot AR 15 or any type of tactical rifle, you might be thinking to yourself. Do I really need to put an optic on the weapon or are the iron sights good enough to do the job? I think that is a great question. I mean, why buy an extra accessory if it is really not that necessary?

After doing this type of shooting for several years now, I have come to the conclusion that for me, a red dot sight is much much better. In fact, I believe they dominate iron sights. Today, I want to give three practical reasons for red dots are superior to iron sights. If you are ready then let’s jump into it.

Reason 1: Red dot is faster than Iron Sight

First of all, the red dot is faster than the iron sight. Now, you might be thinking that if I practice on my iron sight then I can get pretty fast. You are right, you probably can. But red dots are inherently quicker. Just think about it, with the red dot, you have a nice, bright, high-visibility reticle that draws in your eyes.

As opposed to the dark post that may or may not blend in with what you are aiming at. Also, with the red dot you don’t have to worry about the sight alignment. The lining up of the front and rear sight do take a tiny bit of extra time. So, with the red dot, you do gain a slight edge in speed.

Reason 2: Red Dot is more precise than Iron Sight

Secondly, the red dots are more precise than the iron sights. You also can be accurate with the iron sights. But here is the deal, the reticle on the red dot is more precise than the front post on your iron sight.

Especially if your sight has 1 or 2 MOA dots. When you run a red dot then you don’t get the bottom portion of your target blocked by the front sight post. And you are just able to see a lot more of your target.  

Reason 3: Red Dot is better in Low light Situation  

Finally, the red dots are better in low-light situations. Now, we all know that the world outside is not always bright and sunny. Obviously, it gets dark at the night. It gets hard to see when it is overcast or the sun is going down.

During these times, you really find yourself struggling to see your iron sights. But having a red dot with its glowing reticle just gives you an enormous advantage when you take it in.


After reading this red dot vs iron sights guide, now you can conclude that red dots are faster, more precise and they are better in low-light situations. This comprehensive article about red dot vs iron sights let you know everything that you need to know before mounting a red dot or iron sight on your weapon. If you have any suggestions then leave your comment below.