Best Long Eye Relief Scope Reviews [2023]

There are so many scopes available, but nothing can make you as happy as the presence of long eye relief scope can, if you have a gun with heavy recoil, a hunting revolver, or a scout rifle. These scopes save you from getting a scope eye and allow you to see the full picture without sticking your eyes. The distance between the ocular lens of the scope and the shooter’s eye is called Eye relief. Each firearm needs a different amount of eye relief. A scope having a minimal eye relief of 6 inches is considered Long eye relief scope.

There are several options available on the market when it comes to the best LER scope. But it isn’t that easy to have the best one in seconds. It is considered the most hectic task to select the one having the best features at an affordable price. We have reviewed the five of the most popular and best-selling long eye relief scopes for you.

After reading this article, you will be able to pick the best one.  

List of 5 Best Long Eye Relief Scopes in 2023

Brand Product Eye Relief Reticle Magnification Price
Nikon Force XR 9-30 inches BDC 2.5-8x
Leupold FX-II 9.3 inches Duplex 2.5x
UTG Scout Scope 9.5-11 inches Mil-Dot 2-7x
Burris 200261 9.2-12 inches Ballistic Plex 2-7x
Leupold VX-3 15 inches Duplex 2.5-8x

Nikon Force XR [Best Long Eye Relief Scope For Mosin Nagant]best long eye relief scope for mosin nagant

Nikon is globally recognized for its Sports Optics which offer respectable performance at a much more friendly price. They produce and distribute almost all types of rifle scopes such as Air rifle scopes, 308 scopes, AR rifle scopes, and Red dots. They also manufacture Binoculars, rangefinders, and Fieldscopes. We have picked their Force XR 2.5-8×28 Long eye relief scope to review. Let’s have a look at the unbiased review of this LER scope.

The Nikon Force XR 2.5-8×28 is one of the most demanding extended eye relief scopes. It comes with the BDC Handgun reticle, Fully Multi-Coated optical system, and Hand-turn Turrets. Its BDC Handgun reticle comes with unique ballistic circles which give you instant aiming points. The Fully Multi-Coated optical system provides 95-Percent light transmission for bright and vivid sight pictures from dawn to dusk. Its Hand-turn Turrets have 1/2-inch adjustment graduation.

Purchasing this best long eye relief scope for Mosin Nagant will be one of the best experiences ever as it has a Recoil-proof Construction that can withstand the strongest recoil even against the Sand W 500 ( field tested ). This long eye relief scope is ideal for shotguns. Its Quick Focus Eyepiece gives you rapid and sharp reticle focus. This best scope is optimized for use with Nikon Spot On Ballistic Match Technology. This LER scope also offers Nikon’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.  

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<strong>Main Features</strong><strong>Specifications</strong><strong>Package Contents</strong>
  • Its lenses have Ultra ClearCoat which allows up to 95 percent light transmission.
  • Recoil-proof Construction can withstand heavy recoil.
  • BDC Handgun Reticle provides instant aiming points for a quick and accurate shot.
  • This best long eye relief scope comes with finger-reachable Target Turrets.
  • It is compatible with Spot On Ballistic Match Technology.
  • Nitrogen-filled and O-ring sealed.
  • Nikon offers a limited No-Fault Repair or Replacement Policy.
  • This best long eye relief scope for Mosin Nagant is Waterproof, Fogproof, and Shockproof.
  • Its Quick Focus Eyepiece gives rapid reticle focus.
  • It comes with Nikon’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • This scope is ideal for handguns.
  • This scope has a long eye relief of 9-30 inches.
  • It has a magnification power of 2.5-8x
  • The weight of the scope is 11.46  oz.
  • Its overall length is 9.8  inches.
  • The diameter of the objective lens is 28mm.
  • Its Exit Pupil is 3.5mm.
  • The field of View at 100 yards is 4.1-13.1 feet.
  • The diameter of the main tube is a standard one inch.
  • Comes with 1/4 inches adjustment graduation.
  • 100 yards Parallax Setting.
  • Ultra ClearCoat Optical System
  • This Nikon Long Eye Relief Scope features BDC Reticle.
  • The outside diameter of the objective is 35.5mm.
  • The outside diameter of the eyepiece is 41mm.
  • 40 MOA Max Internal Adjustment.
  • Nikon Long Eye Relief Scope
  •  Lens Caps
  • Windage and Elevation caps
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Warranty Card

Pros and Cons of Nikon Long Eye Relief Scope [Best Long Eye Relief Scope For Mosin Nagant]

  • Generous eye relief
  • Recoil-proof Construction
  • Compatible with Spot On Ballistic Match Technology.
  • Affordable Price Range
  • Comes with flip-up lens covers
  • Compact and Lightweight scope
  • This scope is not ideal for rifles

Leupold Long Eye Relief Scope [Best Long Eye Relief Scout Scope]long eye relief scout scope

Another best long eye relief scope in an affordable price range that you would love to have is Leupold FX-II Scout 2.5x28mm LER Scope. It is one of the fast, affordable, and quality long eye relief scope. The Leupold FX-II Scout 2.5x28mm comes in a stylish design that attracts the attention of everyone. Let’s take a closer look at its prominent features, pros, and cons.

One of the most impressive features of this long eye relief scout scope is its long eye relief and generous eyebox which provides you edge-to-edge brightness and a clear sight picture even at higher magnifications. The Leupold FX-2 comes with a fixed 2.5x magnification. It also has a 28mm objective lens, coupled with a wide main tube having a diameter of one inch. Its fully multi-coated lenses allow maximum light to pass for a clear and crisp image.

You will not be disappointed after having Leupold FX-2 because it delivers the performance and features that serious hunters and shooters demand. This scope comes with the 1/4-MOA click adjustments for windage and elevation. It gives you waterproof and fog-proof performance for a lifetime in the field, in all conditions. It features a Duplex reticle, Invented by Leupold which is ideal for Quick target acquisition even in low light conditions.

<strong>Main Features</strong><strong>Specifications</strong>
  • It has a fixed Magnification Power of 2.5x.
  • Its Multicoat 4 lens system ensures a clear and crisp image of the target.
  • This best scope gives you 100 percent Waterproof and fog-proof performance even in adverse conditions.
  • Comes with the Blackened lens edges.
  • Generous eyebox and longer eye relief ensure a bright and clear sight picture.
  • This LER scope comes with a durable one-inch main tube.
  • It features 1/4-MOA click adjustments for windage and elevation.
  • Its Duplex reticle is ideal for quick target acquisition.
  • It is covered by the Leupold Lifetime Guarantee.
  • This scope is purged with nitrogen.
  • It looks great in Matte Black Finish.
  • It is constructed from top-quality aluminum.
  • This Scope has a Long eye relief of 9.30 inches.
  • The weight of the scope is 7.50 oz.
  • Its overall length is 10.1 inches.
  • The diameter of the main tube is one inch.
  • This long eye relief scout scope comes with a fixed magnification of 2.5x.
  • The diameter of the objective lens of this scope is 28mm.
  • The Linear field of view is 22 feet/100 yards.
  • 110 MOA Elevation Adjustment Range.
  • 110 MOA Windage Adjustment Range.
  • Comes with the 1/4-MOA click adjustments for windage and elevation.
  • This scope features a Leupold Duplex’s reticle.
  • It has Matte Finish.
  • The color of the scope is Black.

Pros and Cons of Leupold Long Eye Relief Scope [Best Long Eye Relief Scout Scope]

  • Quick target acquisition.
  • Extremely Lightweight scope.
  • Good quality construction.
  • Extended eye relief of 9.30 inches.
  • The company stands behind the scope.
  • Not enough magnification

UTG 2-7×32 Extended Eye Relief Scope

Extended Eye Relief Scout Rifle Scopes
Leapers is a well-known company for its innovative and technologically advanced hunting and shooting sport-oriented products. They are in the market since 1992 which is approximately 26 years now. Some of their main products are Air rifle scopes, AR10 rifle scopes, red dot sights, and mounting systems. Here I have chosen UTG 2-7X44 30mm to review which is perfectly manufactured.

Its incredible performance is made possible by its exceptional features such as Emerald Lens Coatings, Six Mil-dot Etched Glass Reticle, and true strength Platform. The Emerald Coatings on lenses enable maximum light transmission for the best clarity of the image. It features a unique 6 Mil-dot range estimating Reticle for the Ultimate Performance. This Long Eye Relief Scout Scope is built on the True Strength Platform to withstand the recoil produced by the rifles.

This extended eye relief scope is a great option for those that need years of hard use at an affordable price. Nothing can beat the combination of price and quality of this LER scope. It comes with Illumination Enhancing (IE) System with Dual-Color Mode and 36 Multi-Color Mode for a respectable performance in any Weather/Light Conditions. This extended eye relief scope also features a side wheel adjustable turret for parallax adjustment.

<strong>Main Features</strong><strong>Specifications</strong><strong>Package Contents</strong>
  • It has a one-piece tube having a diameter of 30mm for maximum light transmission.
  • This LER scope is built on a true strength platform to withstand shocks generated by rifles.
  • It is completely sealed and Nitrogen filled.
  • This scope has long Eye Relief for shooters to effectively use it on any firearm.
  • Its Lenses are emerald coated for maximum light transmission.
  • Its unique 6 Mil-dot etched glass Reticle provides you with ultimate performance.
  • This extended eye relief scope comes with a side wheel adjustable turret(SWAT) for Parallax Adjustment from  10 Yards to infinity.
  • EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing (IE) System has two modes, Dual-Color Mode and 36 Color Multi-Color Mode for best performance in any condition.
  • This scope is Shockproof, Fogproof and Rainproof.
  • It comes with an Illumination Memory Feature which takes you back to the Color/Brightness setting last used by the user.
  • 1/4 MOA per Click Windage and Elevation Adjustment
  • It uses a 3v Lithium CR2030 Battery.
  • Sunshade, Weaver Rings, and Flip-open Lens Caps are included in the package.
  • It offers a Lifetime Warranty.
  • This scope has an Extended eye relief range of 9.5-11 inches.
  • The diameter of the main tube is 30mm.
  • It has a variable magnification power of 2-7x.
  • The weight of the scope is 25.2 oz.
  • Its overall length is 292mm.
  • The diameter of the objective lens is 44mm.
  • Its reticle has 36 different colors.
  • It features a Mil-Dot reticle.
  • Uses a CR2032 battery.
  • Field of View @ 100 yards is 32 feet – 10 feet
  • Exit Pupil range is 22mm – 6.3mm.
  • ¼ inches Click Value @100 yards.
  • UTG Long eye relief Scope
  • Weaver Rings
  • Flip-open Lens Caps
  • Instructions
  • Scope mount
  • 3V Lithium Battery
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth

Pros and Cons of UTG Long Eye Relief Scope

  • This UTG Long eye relief scope comes at an affordable price.
  • Excellent Performance even in low light conditions.
  • Illuminated reticle
  • Comes with the scope mounts
  • Easy to install and use
  • Heavy and Large
  • Made in China

Burris Long Eye Relief Scope Review [2×7 Scout Scope]

burris long eye relief rifle scopes
It is one of the all-time favorite long eye relief scout scope all over the world because of its incredible performance. If you are looking for a scope with impressive features and outstanding performance, then this Burris long eye relief scope is there for you. Burris 200261 2-7x32mm LER scope has great reviews on Amazon as most of its users have described its features, pros, and cons in a very detailed way.  

This is an exceptionally well-made long eye relief scout scope. It features the simplest, most effective Ballistic Plex reticle. Its quick and easy to use, Long-range accuracy, and matched to any caliber or bullet weight features make it ideal for hunting. This scope comes with a coil-spring assisted posi-lock system which firmly and & securely locks accuracy into place. The high-quality glass and index-matched multi-coatings on lenses provide you with a bright, clear, and crisp image of the target in almost any situation.

The great thing about this Burris long eye relief scope is its ability to withstand heavy recoil produced by the scout rifles. It features an extremely generous from 9.2 to 12 inches of eye relief for your handgun and heavy recoil rifles. This extended eye relief scope provides you with a good field of view and you can keep both eyes on field targets. It also offers a Burris Forever Warranty and lifetime technical support to its customers.

<strong>Main Features</strong><strong>Specifications</strong>
  • It features a high-quality glass and index-matched multi-coatings for low-light performance and glare elimination
  • This scope is specially designed for scout rifles or fighting carbines.
  • It comes with an extended eye relief of 9.2 to 12 inches.
  • This LER scope has the ability to withstand the extreme recoil of rifles.
  • It looks amazing in the matte black finish.
  • 100 percent waterproof and fog proof.
  • A single-piece outer tube has a diameter of one inch.
  • It features a Ballistic Plex reticle, a simple, elegant, and effective reticle ideal for hunting.
  • Its coil-spring-assisted posi-lock system ensures repeatable accuracy.
  • Comes with larger lenses for better light transmission.
  • Ultra-fast target acquisition while keeping your both eyes open.
  • It comes with Burris Forever Warranty.
  • This scope has a 2-7x zoom.
  • The diameter of the objective lens is 32mm.
  • It is an RFP (Rear Focal Plane) or Second Focal Plane Reticle scope.
  • Field of view is 23 low – 8 high (ft. @ 100 yds.)
  • Generous Eye Relief of 9.2 – 12 inches.
  • Exit Pupil range is 16 low – 4.6 high (mm)
  • It has a Click Value of 1/4 inch @ 100 yds.
  • The weight of the scope is 13.0 oz.
  • The length of this scout scope is 9.7 inches.
  • Matte Black Finish.
  • The ocular Lens Diameter is 38mm.
  • Main tube Diameter is one inch.
  • Elevation Adjustment 66 inches at 100 yards.
  • Windage Adjustment 66 inches at 100 yards.
  • Comes with the Capped Knobs.
  • Nonilluminated Reticle.

Pros and Cons of Burris Long Eye Relief Scout Scopes

  • Extended eye relief
  • Both eyes open sighting
  • Features a Ballistic reticle
  • Burris Forever Warranty.
  • No Lens Covers

Leupold VX-3 2.5-8x32mm [Longest Eye Relief Scope]

Longest Eye Relief Scope

Our last pick for the list of best long eye relief scopes is the Leupold VX-3 2.5-8x32mm Handgun scope because it is one of the Longest Eye Relief Scope available on the market. You can not leave it out for value and quality. It offers fast and powerful performance that hunters and shooters demand all over the world. Here we are to furnish you with concrete information to help you to know about the Leupold VX-3 2.5-8x32mm, the best handgun scope.

This Leupold long eye relief scope is loaded with amazing features like Xtended Twilight Lens System, DiamondCoat 2TM lens coatings, and Duplex Reticle.  Its Xtended Twilight Lens System allows low-light wavelengths to transmit for greater, brighter detail of the picture even in low-light conditions. The DiamondCoat 2TM lens coatings give you the highest level of scratch resistance. It comes with a most common style Duplex Reticle which is a perfect reticle for hunting.

It provides you with a long eye relief of 15 inches. This longest eye relief scope is constructed from high-quality 6061-T6 aluminum and features a single-piece main tube having a diameter of one inch. This main tube is filled with Argon/Krypton gas blend for complete waterproof and fog-proof performance. This best handgun scope has a 32mm objective lens, coupled with a variable power of 2.5-8x.

<strong>Main Features</strong><strong>Specifications</strong>
  • Xtended Twilight Lens System for maximum transmission of low-light wavelengths which allows you to recognize target easily even in low light.
  • DiamondCoat 2 lens protection protects from scratches and increases light transmission.
  • Comes with the Second Focal Plane Duplex Reticle which is ideal for hunting.
  • Single piece One-inch main tube filled with Argon/Krypton gas blend.
  • Complete waterproof and fog proof.
  • Constructed from top-quality Aluminum alloy.
  • Features built-in range estimation.
  • Capped, finger adjustable target turrets.
  • Easily adjustable power selector on the eyepiece.
  • It comes with a ¼ MOA click windage and elevation adjustments
  • Matte Finish
  • This LER scope offers Leupold Lifetime Guarantee.
  • This Leupold long eye relief scope has a 15 inches generous eye relief.
  • The diameter of the objective lens is 32mm.
  • Its Magnification range is 2.5-8x.
  • The weight of the scope is 10.90 oz.
  • Its length is 11.40 inches.
  • 74 MOA Elevation Adjustment Range.
  • 74 MOA Windage Adjustment Range.
  • Linear Field of View (ft/100 yd) Low:12.90, High:4.80.
  • One Inch Main Tube Diameter.
  • Exit Pupil is 16.8-4.3 mm.

Pros and Cons of Leupold Long Eye Relief Scope

  • Long 15 inches of Eye Relief
  • Comes With Scratch-free lenses.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Durable Housing
  • Expensive LER Scope (quality comes with a price)
  • Best long eye relief scope for Handguns.

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