How to Clean a Tavor X95?

Anyone who owns a Tavor x95 needs to be able to clean it. Because cleaning the firearm not only saves it from rust, dirt, and dust but also ensures reliable operation of the firearm. Most of the Tavor x95 owners don’t know “how to clean a Tavor x95?” Today we are sharing a step-by-step guide on “how to clean a Tavor x95” with you. By the end of this article, you will be able to clean your Tavor x95 by yourself. So, let’s dive into this comprehensive guide on “how to clean a Tavor x95?” 

Tavor x95 cleaning kit

To clean the Tavor x95, you need some tools and equipment. There are so many brands that offer specifically designed Tavor x95 cleaning kits. These kits make the cleaning of your weapons much easier. These gun cleaning kits are available on Amazon. You can choose the cleaning kit of your choice there. 

Most of the cleaning kits contain almost the same tools. Some of these tools are

  • Pouch/Hard Case: To keep all the necessary cleaning tools organized, the cleaning kit includes a pouch or hard case.
  • Bore Brushes: The bore brushes help to remove stubborn debris with ease.
  • Brass Jags: Brass jags are used to clean, oil, and dry the bore completely.
  • Cotton Mops: The cleaning mops are made with cotton material to remove the debris from different parts of the firearm.
  • Brass Slotted Tips: Slotted tip of this tool is used to hang the cleaning cloth and clean the place where fingers are unreachable.
  • Brushes: Nylon brushes are also included in the package.
  • Gun Cleaning Rod: Another amazing tool in the Tavor X95 cleaning kit is a gun cleaning rod that is ideal for picking, brushing, and scraping a firearm.
  • Steel Cleaning Pick: A steel cleaning pick is ideal for cleaning stubborn areas.
  • Cleaning Patches: Lint-free, highly absorbent, cotton cleaning patches for soaking up carbon fouling, dust, and dirt.

Tools Needed For Cleaning Tavor X95

The cleaning kits come with various tools that you can use to clean your other weapons also. All the cleaning kit tools are not required to clean the Tavor X95. The tools that are necessary to clean the Tavor X95 are listed below.

  • CLP Solvent: CLP solvent cleans the residue, lubricates against the metal wear, and prevents rust and corrosion. 
  • Pieces of T-Shirt: Cut up pieces of T-shirt for cleaning.
  • Cotton Cleaning Patches: Gun cleaning patches are also needed for Tavor X95.
  • Bore Brush: Bore Brush from the cleaning kit will be used here.
  • Gun Pick: Stell cleaning gun pick is also required to scratch up anything inside the gun.
  • Gun Rod: Gun cleaning rod for picking and scraping.

How to disassemble Tavor x95?

The next step in the guide “How to clean a Tavor x95?” is how to disassemble Tavor x95. Before you do disassembly,  you need to make sure that it is unloaded. You need to check the chamber that there is no bullet there and it is clear by cycling it back.

There are three pin holes that we need to disassemble at the rear side of the Tavor X95. The top pin is located at the top near the buttstock. It is also called the disassembly pin. First of all, push that top pin through by using a gun rod and pull the pin from another side. 

Now the backside will be open and you can pull out the buffer assembly with your fingers. There are two other pins that need to disassemble to trigger the pack. Push these pins with the help of a rod and pull the pins from another side.

After pulling the pins, pull the bolt catch at the bottom and turn the Tavor x95 down, the trigger pack will fall out of the firearm. Now it’s time to disassemble the bolt from the buffer assembly.

First, pull the buffer spring all the way to the rear. Now take the rod and push it straight through until the rod pop outside the buffer. There is a pin on the right side of the bolt carrier. Push that pin by using a punch and it will come out on the other side. Now the bolt assembly, firing pin, and its spring, all are disassembled. 

Tavor x95 cleaning

Now Tavor X95 is fully disassembled and it’s time for Tavor x95 cleaning. Now we come to the main step of the “How to clean a Tavor x95?” guide.

First, place a chamber brush on a gun cleaning rod to clean the chamber. Pour the CLP solvent into the chamber brush and put it in the chamber. Now rotate the brush to scratch up anything and clean the chamber. After rotating the brush inside the chamber, now use a cotton cleaning mop to clean anything that may have been loosened.

Now take the solvent-soaked patch and use the slotted tip tool to hold this soaked patch. Insert it through the bore and wait for a few minutes to loosen things up. After that use the bore brush to rub the barrel to scratch the loosened things to clean inside the bore. Now run down a clean dry cotton patch through the barrel. Repeat this process 2 to 3 times.

Spray the firing pin, firing spring, recoil mechanism, and trigger pack with CPL and rub them with the brush. Brush these parts thoroughly to scratch up rust, corrosion, dust, and dirt. Use the cut-up pieces of the T-shirts to wipe out the solvent and carbon fouling. Repeat this process until there is no carbon fouling on the cut-up pieces of shirts.