How Do Red Dot Sights Work? What Need To Know!

Another important question that every red dot owner wants to know is “How do red dot sights work?” In this comprehensive guide, we are going to answer one of the most asked questions on every red dot sights forum. But before diving into this guide about how do red dot sights work, the beginners would like to know a little bit about red dot sights. Some of the basic questions are “What are red dot sights?” and “Are red dot sights accurate?”

 What are red dot sights?

The first thing that a beginner may ask is “What are red dot sights?” because in the past people used iron sights on their firearms. For closed to medium-range targets normally around 100 yards or less, a non-magnifying scope is specifically designed that is very easy to use even for first-timers. As it is evident from the name, a red dot reticle is used to aim and place the bullets with extreme precision on the target. 

Most red dot sights are powered by batteries to provide an illuminated reticle that helps to shoot in low-light conditions. Some red dot sights also have a feature to switch the reticle color from red to green. The design of this device allows you to shoot with both eyes open. Red dot sights are usually small and more lightweight than traditional scopes and therefore they are ideal for being used even on pistols.

Are red dot sights accurate?

The next question that may arise in your mind is “Are red dot sights accurate? “ If yes then how accurate these red dot sights are? First thing first, are red dot sights accurate? The answer is a huge Yes. Red dot sights are extremely accurate for close to medium ranges. You can hit the bull’s eye easily for close to medium targets. But at the extended ranges, red dot sights are not as effective as for 100 yards or less. So, if you want to use a red dot for close to mid-range targets then you can use it with speed and accuracy.

How do red dot sights work? 

Now, it’s time to answer the main question “How do red dot sights work?” Red dot sights utilize LED (Light Emitting Diode) that is powered by a battery. This battery-powered LED (usually red-colored) creates a colored point of light and sends it to a mirror. This semi-transparent mirror has a specific coating that only allows red light to reflect. This saves other lights to disrupt the reticle to offer you a sharp view.

The red dot stays in the alignment of your firearm regardless of the position of your eye. You can see the target and the red dot reticle in one image through a multi-coated mirror. The red dot reticle size is measured in MOA (Minute of Angle). The size of the reticle is determined by the opening of a hole in front of the LED (Light Emitting Diode).

Every Red dot features a different number of brightness levels that can be chosen according to various shooting needs. LED light runs on a battery and utilizes very little energy therefore batteries of the red dot sights last up to years but it largely depends upon the brightness level that is being used to illuminate the reticle. The lower brightness settings allow the battery to last more than higher brightness levels.

Moreover, the auto-brightness adjusting feature and auto power off (when detects no motion) feature also plays an important role in enhancing battery life. Different models are also equipped with different features like solar-powered, dual illumination features, multi-pattern reticle systems, and Night Vision compatibility.