Holosun 510c review [HS510C Green/Red]

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Holosun 510c review

Features of Holosun HS510C

  • Multi Reticle System: It gives you the privilege of choosing among three different Reticles; 65 MOA ring with a 2 MOA dot reticle, a 65 MOA circle only, or a 2 MOA dot reticle only.
  • Solar Technology: Comes with an innovative technological feature that not only adjusts the brightness when you are under the sun but also allows the sight to remain powered when the battery fails.
  • Shake Awake: Another impressive feature that is worth mentioning in this Holosun 510c review is its Shake Awake feature. It turns off the LED during periods of motionlessness and activates the LED by sensing any motion. 
  • Multi-Layer Coatings: Utilizes Optical glass with multi-layer coatings to ensure maximum light transmission while reducing glare.
  • Super LED: Holosun HS510C comes with a super LED that provides a wide range of intensity from the brightest environments to low light conditions.
  • Titanium Hood: Holosun uses grade 5 titanium to produce these red dot sights which has more than double the strength of high-grade aluminum.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: Advanced LED technology, motion sensor, and backup solar power make it able to consume a single CR2032 battery for up to 50,000 hours of operation. 
  • Dual Power Source: Lithium 3V Coin Batteries and solar failsafe technology offer unfailing performance in the field.
  • Reticle Color: The color of this Holosun 510c reticle is red but now it is also available in green color reticle.
  • Light Wavelength: Light wavelength of HS510C is 540nm.
  • Parallax-Free Design: It has a parallax-free design and comes with unlimited eye relief.
  • Minimized Obstruction: Push button controls and an innovative housing design provide minimized obstruction. 
  • Ultra Wide Open Lens: Ultra-wide 32mm×24mm open lens provides a huge field of view.
  • Quick Release Mount: Holosun 510c mount type is quick to detach.
Package Contents
  • Holosun HS510C Reflex Optical Sight.
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth.
  • Holosun 510c Manual.
  • T10L Key.
  • Holosun 510C Riser Mount.

Specifications of Holosun Red Dot HS510C

  • Magnification: This Holographic sight has a power of 1x.
  • Power Source: Features Dual power sources; Lithium battery and Solar power.
  • Battery Type: It utilizes a CR2032 battery that is included in the box.
  • Battery Life: Amazing battery life of 50K hours of operation on a single CR2032 battery.
  • Solar Technology: Solar Failsafe technology saves from power failure when the battery fails even in the most demanding conditions.
  • Brightness Settings: There are 12 brightness settings; 10 for Daylight operations and 2 for Night Vision.
  • Field of View: Another highlight found in this Holosun 510C review is its unlimited field of view.
  • Parallax: This Holosun 510C Elite has a parallax-free design.
  • Dimension: The dimensions are 3.3×1.68×1.78 inches.
  • Weight: Holosun HS510C weighs only 264 g.
  • Window Size: The Window size is 0.91×1.26 inches.
  • Housing Material: Fabricated from superior quality Aluminum and Holosun 510c cover is made from super strong Titanium. 
  • Surface Finish: It comes with an MAO-type surface finish.
  • Eye Relief: This one of the best red dot sights has unlimited eye relief.
  • Adjustment Type: The adjustment graduation type is MOA.
  • Windage Range: Windage travel range is ±50 MOA.
  • Elevation Range: The elevation adjustment travel range is also ±50 MOA.
  • Adjustment Per Click: It has a 0.5 MOA adjustment per click value.
  • Submersion Grade: Submersion grade is IP67 which means It is waterproof down to 1m.
  • Storage Temperature: You can store it from -40℃ to 70℃.
  • Working Temperature: Its Working temperature range is from -30℃ to a maximum of 60℃.
  • Vibration: It can withstand shocks up to 1000 G.
  • Color: The color of the Holosun HS510C Elite is black.
  • Mount Type: Holosun 510C mount type is Quick release.

Holosun 510C Reticle

Holosun 510C Reticle

One of the most important features that are worth mentioning in this Holosun 510C review is its reticle.

This red dot sight is equipped with a multi-reticle system (M.R.S). The M.R.S. system has three different reticle patterns to meet the various tactical demands in the field.

You can choose from a 2 MOA dot reticle, 65 MOA circle reticle, or a combination of both 65 MOA and 2 MOA Holosun circle dot reticle. 

Holosun 510C Reticle changing feature is user-friendly. You can switch between all three reticles by pushing the finger-reachable button. 

Holosun Shake Awake

Holosun Shake Awake

Holosun HS510C is engineered to deliver ultimate performance even in unfavorable conditions.

Holosun Shake Awake’s innovative technology turns off the LED light during periods of inactivity in order to enhance the battery life.

When you shake this Holographic sight slightly, the motion sensor senses motion and activates the LED. 

The user-friendly Holosun Shake Awake technology allows you to set the time to enter sleep mode. Moreover, you also have the option to deactivate this shake-awake feature.

Battery Life And Solar Power

The Holosun 510C battery is CR2032. This 3V Lithium coin battery comes with this Holosun holographic sight.

This Holosun HS510C has amazing battery life. It utilizes one CR2032 battery for up to 50,000 hours of operation.

For normal usage, it takes power from the solar cell, and for low light conditions, it uses a Lithium battery. 

This Holosun solar red dot is equipped with an innovative solar failsafe feature. 

Solar failsafe feature not only keeps the optic powered when the battery fails but also automatically adjusts the brightness according to the environment.

When you are under the sun, it provides you with a bright reticle and when you move indoors, it reduces the brightness to match the ambient light.

Holosun Warranty 

Holosun offers a Limited lifetime warranty. The first owner of this Holosun solar red dot who has the registration in his name can claim this warranty.

This Limited lifetime warranty applies to the metal structure and the optical and illumination systems are not covered by this.

The optical glass comes with a 5-year warranty whereas illumination systems are covered by a 3-year warranty.

Holosun does not offer any warranty for included batteries.

Multilayer Optical Coatings

Holosun uses premium quality optical glass with multilayer coatings in the manufacturing of its HS510C red dot solar sight.

These multilayer-coated glasses facilitate maximum light transmission to provide a clear and vivid image of the target.

Material of Holosun HS510C

The Holosun HS510C is designed with strength, lightness, and durability in mind. Its housing is fabricated from high-strength aluminum.

The lens of Holosun 510C is covered by a grade 5 titanium hood. The combination of aluminum housing along with titanium hood makes it an extremely durable tool that will last a lifetime.

Grade 5 titanium has double tensile strength and five times the fatigue strength of high-grade aluminum. 

 Super LED

New advanced technology LED offers you a versatile range of intensity for the brightest conditions down to no light environments.

There are 12 different brightness settings; 10 for daylight and 2 for Night Vision compatible allowing you to choose whatever is most suitable for whatever your application is.

Moreover, the Solar failsafe feature is also there to automatically adjust the brightness. This automated feature provides optimum brightness by matching the lighting conditions.

Holosun 510C Parallax and Eye Relief

Another thing that comes from Holosun and works wonders is Holosun 510C Parallax free design. It means when the sight is on target and you move your head, then the reticle will not move.

The eye relief of this Holosun holographic sight is also unlimited, so you will get a huge field of view for unmatchable performance in the field.

Holosun 510C Mount

This Holosun red dot solar sight can be mounted and removed easily on your firearm. Because the Holosun 510C Mount type is an absolute co-witness Quick Detach.

This Full Co-Witness Quick Release Mount comes with the Sight and you don’t need to buy it separately.

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