Cheap Lamborghini Hoverboards to Buy in 2019

Quickly Pick SPORTS AND OUTDOORS Cheap Lamborghini Hoverboards to Buy in 2019
Cheap Lamborghini hoverboards


Cheap Lamborghini Hoverboards to Buy in 2019

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Thinking to buy the Cheap Lamborghini hoverboards? Before we jump into the list of best Lamborghini hoverboards available on the market. Let’s have a look at the frequently asked questions about Lamborghini hoverboards such as what is Lamborghini hoverboard? Are Lamborghini hoverboards made by Lamborghini Brand? No, The Lamborghini company only makes cars. A popular and specific body style of hoverboard that looks like Lamborghini sports cars is called Lamborghini hoverboard. In this article, you will find the top rated and best selling Cheap Lamborghini hoverboards in 2019 available on the market.

Skque X1/I Series Black Cheap Lamborghini Hoverboards

The Skque X1/I Series Black Lamborghini Hoverboard has a unique and cool style and offers respectable performance at a reasonable price. It has passed all UL safety regulations to make sure that this Lambo hoverboard is 100 percent safe for the whole family. It comes with two 350 Watts motor that can be controlled with both left and right foot for acceleration, rotation, and braking.

This cheap Lamborghini hoverboards is equipped with a Lithium-Ion Hoverboard battery having a capacity of 42000mAh that allow you to travel up to 20 KM on a single charge. It needs only 1-2 Hours for full charging. This Skque X1/I Series hoverboard comes with an improved motherboard and gyro sensors for a stable and smooth ride. It possesses an extra wide deck that gives you adequate space for comfortable riding experience.   

Another great feature of this Lamborghini hoverboard for cheap price is its Built-in wireless hoverboard Bluetooth speakers. You can connect your Smartphone with the Bluetooth speakers to play your favorite music while gliding through the parts of your commute. It also features bright LED Lights that allow you to ride at night. It has a maximum hoverboard weight limit of 264 pounds which makes it an ideal Hoverboard for the whole family.   

  • Electric Motors: Features two 350 Watts (700 Watt Power) Electric motors for a faster response and stable ride.
  • Top Hoverboard Speed: It allows you to reach a top pace of up to 7.45 miles per hour.
  • Maximum Range: This cheap Lamborghini hoverboards gives a respectable range of 20 Km per charge.
  • Battery: Comes with a Lithium-Ion rechargeable Hoverboard Battery.
  • Battery Capacity: Its battery comes with a capacity of 42000mAh.
  • Charge Time: This Lambo hoverboard has a fast Charging system that requires only 1 to 2 hours for complete charging.
  • Charging Input: AC110-220V 50-60Hz.
  • Wheel Size: Its 8-inch alloy wheel and rubber tires give you a smooth ride.
  • Hoverboard Weight Limit: This Fast hoverboard has a weight capacity of 265 pounds.
  • Maximum Incline: It has no problem with inclines up to 30 degrees.
  • Weight: The Skque X1/I Series has a weight of only 30 pounds.
  • Certification: This is a UL 2272 certified Hoverboard.
  • Speakers: Comes with two speakers that give you high-quality audio.
  • Connectivity: You can connect your speakers with your smartphone via Bluetooth connection.
  • Lights: Front LED Lights for travel at night and sidelights for a stylish look.
  • Hoverboard Colors: It looks amazing in Black color.
  • Sensors: Its gyro sensors offer you a smooth ride.
  • Shell: Its strong shell and enhanced chassis make it a durable product.
  • Turning Radius: It has zero turning radius that means you can operate it in a very narrow space.
  • Charger: The Skque X1/I Series comes with a high-quality hoverboard charger.
  • Warranty: It offers 12 months limited Warranty.

Pros and Cons of Skque X1/I Series Cheap Lamborghini Hoverboards


  • Fast Charging: It needs only 1 to 2 hours for complete 100 percent charging.
  • Turning Radius: Zero Turning Radius that means it can be easily operated in narrow spaces.
  • Best For: Suitable for the whole family.
  • Speakers: Comes with high-Quality Loudspeakers.
  • Charger: This Hoverboard charger Becomes Hot.

XPRIT 8 inch Cheap Lamborghini Hoverboards

If you are a person, who wants a Lamborghini Hoverboard in an affordable price range with all necessary features, So XPRIT 8 inch Hoverboard is ideal for you. The XPRIT offers fast and powerful performance that you will love while riding. It is a great resource for portable transportation and beginners can easily use it. Let’s have a closer look at the unbiased review of this one of the best Lamborghini Hoverboards.

It comes with 8-inch diamond shape wheel and solid rubber tires that allow you to travel through mud, sand, grass, and even gravel. Its powerful performance is made possible by its boosted twofold 350 Watts motor and aluminum alloy frame. It has the ability to support the rider of up to 220 pounds. you can go at speeds up to 7.45 miles per hour on this Lamborghini hoverboard. The XPRIT 8 inch Lamborghini Hoverboard also comes with built-in LED Hoverboard lights to travel at night.

Now you don’t need to guess at the battery of this Lamborghini hoverboard, it comes with a 4 level battery indicator to tell you about the battery Charge. Its 36V 4.0AH hoverboard battery makes you able to keep going for around 8.4 miles on a single charge. It also has a fast charging system that allows you to get 100% charge in just 2 to 3 hours. You can easily connect your Android or iOS device with the Bluetooth enabled hoverboard speakers to play your favorite songs while riding.

  • Maximum Speed: It comes with a respectable top pace of 7.45 MPH.
  • Motor: This Lamborghini Hoverboard for cheap price features dual 350 Watts (700 Watts) motor.
  • Main Frame: Its main frame is constructed from Lightweight Aluminum alloy.
  • Battery: It is equipped with a powerful Lithium Ion Hoverboard Battery.
  • Battery Capacity: This Hoverboard Battery has a capacity of 36V 4.0AH.
  • Range: You can travel up to 8.4 miles per charge.
  • Run Time: It gives you 3 to 4 hours run time depending upon Hoverboard weight limit and riding conditions.
  • Charge Time: This Hoverboard has a fast charging system and needs only 2 to 3 hours for full charging.
  • Maximum Weight Limit: The maximum hoverboard weight limit is 220 pounds.
  • Minimum Weight Limit: Its minimum weight limit is 45 pounds.
  • Dimensions: The Dimensions of the hoverboard is 27x11x11 inches.
  • Weight of the Hoverboard: It only weighs 28 pounds.
  • Wheels: Comes with 8 inch diamond shape aluminum alloy wheel and solid rubber tires.
  • Foot Board: Its enlarged foot board gives a comfortable and safe riding experience.
  • Certification: This is a UL Certified Hoverboard for your safety.
  • Connectivity: Comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth enabled speakers.
  • Hoverboard Charger: A hoverboard charger is also included in the package.
  • Speakers: With its Dual Bluetooth Speakers, you never have to worry about having a ride without music.
  • Hoverboard Lights: The eye-catching led lights of this Lambo hoverboard illuminate well in the dark.
  • Battery Indicator: Comes with four level battery indicator.
  • Hoverboard Colors: This XPRIT hoverboard comes in red, black, blue, and gold colors.

Pros and Cons of XPRIT 8 inch Lamborghini Hoverboards


  • Battery Indicator: Come with 4 Level Battery Indicator.
  • Hoverboard Colors: You can choose from different available Xprit Hoverboard Colors.
  • Wheels: Diamond shape alloy wheels are visually appealing.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and Wifi Connectivity.
  • No App: Does not have an App for better control.

Spadger R5 Cheap Lamborghini Hoverboards

If you are looking for a cheap Lamborghini Hoverboard with an astonishing design then the Spadger R5 hoverboard is best for you. This Lambo hoverboard delivers at its best comparing to the other expensive hoverboards available on the market, being offered at half a price. Because of its UL 2272 Certification, it is one of the safest hoverboards for people of all ages.

The Spadger R5 has many features that boost its performance. With its dual 250-watt motor design, however, you will have better results. They reach speeds of up to 7.5 miles per hour and can carry the maximum weight of up to 265 pounds. Its latest smart self balancing technology minimizes the risk of toppling over. Its Build-in BLE speakers work well and you can connect it with your Bluetooth enabled phone to play your favorite music on the road.

The Spadger R5 Lambo hoverboard has a Lithium Ion UL certified hoverboard battery that charges in only 1.5 hours and allows you to go up to 12 miles per charge. Its anti-slip foot pads and Gyro sensors offer a stable and ultra-smooth riding experience. The Spadger R5 cheap Lamborghini Hoverboards come with a remote control that allows you to turn your hoverboard on and off.

SpecificationsFeaturesIn the Box
  • Top Speed: It comes with a top cruising speed of up to 7.5 miles per hour.
  • Motor: Dual 250 Watts (500 Watts) Electric motor works well in all conditions.
  • Range: You also get a respectable range of up to 12 miles per charge.
  • Battery: It is equipped with a Powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
  • Charge Time: Very Fast charging, Needs only 1.5 hours for full charging.
  • Hoverboard Weight Limit: It can support a weight of up to 265 pounds.
  • Recommended Age: The recommended age is 5 years and above.
  • Weight of the Hoverboard: This hoverboard weighs only 23.9 pounds.
  • Design: Special warrior design makes you feel riding a horse.
  • Certification: UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard.
  • Speakers: Comes with Bluetooth enabled hoverboard speakers that allows you to play your favorite music on the road.
  • Sensors: Gyro sensors offer an ultra smooth ride.
  • LED Lights: It comes with bright LED lights for personal safety.  
  • Foot Pads: Anti Slip foot pads give stable riding experience.
  • Technology: Smart self-balancing technology help kids exploring fluently within minutes.
  • Best For: These are best hoverboards for kids and adults.
  • Remote: Comes with a remote that allows you to turn your hoverboard on and off.
  • Spadger R5 Lamborghini Hoverboard
  • Remote
  • Hoverboard Charger
  • User Manual

Pros and Cons of Spadger R5 Lamborghini Hoverboard


  • Design: Gorgeous looking Lamborghini hoverboards.
  • Price: Cheap Lamborghini Hoverboards.
  • Beginner Mode: Kids Friendly learning mode.
  • Remote: Comes with remote to turn your hoverboard on and off.
  • Charging: Very fast Battery Charging.
  • Off Road Use: Not suitable for off road Terrains.
  • Carrying Bag: Carrying Bag is not Included in the Box.

Alien Board BatWings Lamborghini Hoverboard

The Alien Board BatWings Lamborghini Hoverboard is one of the all-time favorite hoverboards because of its quality and best performance. This Alien Board BatWings hoverboard is UL 2272 certified product, so the risk of overheating or short-circuiting is slim. The Alien Board BatWings comes with 4 sensors PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) to avoid vibrating and gives a smooth ride.

This one of the best Cheap Lamborghini Hoverboards on the market features powerful and stable Brushless Electric Motor with 105 Iron cores of 30 magnetic sheets to give you consistent performance on the road. Its maximum speed is 7.5 mph with a capacity of up to 264 pounds. This Alien Board Hoverboard also features 4 LED hoverboard lights, 2 on the front and two on the rear side for a safe ride at night.   

It uses UL certified battery with LG or Samsung cells that makes it safe for day-to-day use. This Hoverboard battery has 20 certified cells and 36V voltage. You can get 9 to 12 Miles of Mileage per charge. You can charge it in just 2 to 3 hours. Its Bluetooth enabled speakers are located on the side to give you surround sound. It comes with UL certified Hoverboard Charger and Carrying bag that makes Alien board Batwings easier to carry around.

SpecificationsFeaturesIn the Box
  • Maximum Speed: Comes with a respectable high speed of 7.5 Miles per hour.
  • Range Per Charge: You can travel up to 12 miles on a single charge.
  • Battery: Equipped with a 36V Lithium-Ion UL Certified Battery with a capacity of 4.3A.
  • Hoverboard Weight: This Cheap Lamborghini Hoverboards has 23 pounds weight.
  • Charging Time: You can get 100 percent charging in just 2 to 3 hours.
  • Max Hoverboard Weight Limit: It can support a maximum weight of 265 pounds.
  • Min Hoverboard Weight Limit: The minimum weight limit of this Alien Board hoverboard is 44 pounds.
  • Hoverboard Charger: Comes with a UL Certified Hoverboard Charger.
  • Hoverboard Colors: Camo Blue hoverboard.
  • Certification: UL certified Hoverboard.
  • Carrying Bag: Comes with a carrying bag which you can throw over your shoulder to carry around this hoverboard.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Bluetooth enabled speakers on the side of hoverboard for better sound Quality.
  • Warranty: The Alien Board offers a one-year Limited Warranty.
  • Durable Frame: Comes with durable frame, central axis 1.54 inch thick and pedal frame is 0.2 inches thick.
  • PCB with Sensors:  It is equipped with a Printed Circuit Board with 4 sensors to avoid vibrations and for a stable ride.
  • Hoverboard Lights: 4 LED front and Rear lights for travelling at night.
  • Alienboard Batwings Hoverboard.
  • Hoverboard Charger.
  • Carrying Bag.
  • User Manual.

Pros and Cons of Alien Board BatWings Lamborghini Hoverboard


  • Durable Construction: Durable frame with thick central axis and pedal frame.
  • Carrying Bag: Comes with Carrying Bag for easy transportation.
  • Board With Sensors: 4 sensors with Printed Circuit Board for a stable ride.
  • Side Speakers: Bluetooth speakers are on the sides of hoverboard for High-Quality sound.
  • Battery: UL certified Samsung/LG battery.
  • Casing: Casing is not Scratch proof.

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