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Best MP5 Optic [Reflex and Holographic Sights 2023]

If you’ve ended up finding this article about the best mp5 optic then congratulations you are at the right place. We have shortlisted the 5 best mp5 optics in 2023. All the optics that have been listed here are not only the best performers in the field but are also available at a much more friendly price. So, let’s begin!

Holosun HE510c GR Review [Best MP5 Optic]

Features & Specs:

Package Contents
Holosun HE510c GR MP5 Refelx Sight.
Absolute Co-witness Mount.
CR2032 Battery.
Quick Start Guide.
T10 L Key.
Lens Cleaning Cloth.

Product Description:

When it comes to durability and dependability then It is one of the most robust and reliable MP5 optics available in the market. Holosun HE510c GR offers you powerful performance at an affordable price range.

This best mp5 optic has been constructed from Aluminum and Titanium to ensure that it can bear rough environments and recoils with ease. You can store it anywhere with a temp range of -40℃ to 70℃ and it performs very well from -30℃ to 60℃. Moreover, it has no problem operating even under 1000G vibrations.

You will get a CR2032 battery with this best mp5 optic which can serve you up to 50k hours at setting 6. Another highlight found of this sight is its solar failsafe feature. It allows your optic to remain powered when the battery fails.

The Solar failsafe feature also adjusts the brightness automatically. It detects the light and adjusts the reticle brightness accordingly. Apart from this auto brightness adjuster, there are 12 brightness settings that can be chosen manually. The First 10 brightness levels are for daylight and the other 2 are night-vision compatible.

It is equipped with a multi-reticle system that gives you the ability to have the best reticle pattern for various jobs. The color of all reticle patterns is super green which works really well for precise target hitting. Moreover, the green color of the reticle helps to shoot from dawn to dusk.

Pros and Cons of Holosun HE510c GR MP5 Refelx Sight

  • 50,000 hours battery life.
  • Durability and dependability.
  • Shake Awake Technology.
  • Solar Failsafe Feature.
  • Green Multi reticle patterns.
  • Brightness setting features.
  • The auto bright/dim function is a little slow and it takes some time.
  • No Storage cover is included in the package.
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