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Best Illuminated Reticle Scope for the Money [2023]

best illuminated reticle scope for the money

There is a wide range of rifle scopes available on today’s market at a budget-friendly cost. But they allow you to hunt or shoot in proper light conditions. The best solution to this problem is illuminated reticle scope which is a game changer. The Illuminated reticle scope not only allows you to precisely place your shot but also, increases your hunting or shooting time. Today, we have taken out our time to compile a list of best illuminated reticle scope for the money in 2023. This article will let you know which one is ideal for you.

Best Illuminated Reticle Scope for the Money in 2023


Vortex Optics Crossfire II SFP Riflescope

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Bushnell Optics FFP Illuminated BDC Scope
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CVLIFE 6-24×50 Illuminated Hunting Scope
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Nikon Black FX1000 Riflescope
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Leupold VX-R Illum FireDot Duplex Scope
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Vortex Optics Illuminated Reticle Scope Review [Crossfire II 3-9×50]

Technical Specifications:

Product Description:

The Vortex Optics illuminated reticle scope offers the highest levels of performance and reliability in the field. This lighted reticle scope is packed with smart features and comes in a very affordable price range.

It has been made using only the best materials possible. You can, therefore, be sure about its quality, reliability, and strength.

It uses V-Brite Illuminated (MOA) reticle that is placed in the second focal plane to give you the same ideally-sized appearance across its entire range.

The reticle of this scope is powered by a CR2032 battery that illuminates the center dot for a precise aiming point even under low-light conditions.

Another great thing about this Vortex lighted reticle scope is its premium quality, fully multi-coated lenses that allow the maximum light transmission to give you a bright and clear view of the target.

The ultra-forgiving eye box and respectable eye relief help you to acquire your target quickly. Its finger-adjustable with MOA clicks capped reset turrets can be easily reset to zero.

Package Contents
  • Vortex crossfire II illuminated reticle scope (3-9×50).
  • CR2032 Battery.
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth.
  • Removable Lens Caps.
  • Manual.

Pros and Cons of Vortex crossfire II 3-9×50 [Best Illuminated Reticle scope for the Money]

  • Reticle: V-Brite Illuminated (MOA) reticle for low light performance.
  • Price: Premium quality low cost illuminated reticle scope.
  • User-Friendly: Easy mounting, zeroing, and use.
  • Warranty: VIP unconditional lifetime repair or replacement warranty.
  • Turrets: Finger adjustable Capped Zero-able turrets with ¼ MOA clicks.
  • Blurry: Slightly blurry at higher power.
  • Main tube: It would have been nice to have a 30mm tube instead of a 1-inch tube.

Bushnell Scope With Illuminated Reticle

Technical Specifications:

Product Description:

The next candidate for the list of reticle rifle scopes is the Bushnell BTR-1 FFP scope. This FFP illuminated scope is a popular choice amongst lots of people because of its features and rich design.

Its high-grade aluminum alloy construction gives you hyper durability and improved accuracy to master every scenario.

The lenses are treated with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces that transmit maximum light for the remarkably bright and high-contrast picture of the target.

It carries a unique Throw Down PCL (Power Change Lever) to change the magnification power within no time.

This Bushnell scope comes with the BTR-1 reticle that is illuminated and has 11 brightness settings. Its light intensity levels allow you to utilize this scope in various light conditions for accurate hunting or shooting.

This reticle stays in the first focal plane which means the reticle changes with magnification power.

Package Contents
  • Bushnell BTR-1 FFP Illuminated Scope.
  • Lens Covers.
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth.
  • Sticker.
  • PCL Lever.
  • Allen Wrench.
  • Manual.

Pros and Cons of Bushnell BTR-1 FFP Illuminated Scope for Hunting

  • PCL lever: Innovative Power Change Lever for quick magnification changes.
  • FFP Illuminated Scope: First focal plane scope for added accuracy.
  • Illumination settings: 11 Brightness settings for different light conditions.
  • Ideal For: Works perfectly for close to medium range shooting and hunting.
  • Zero Stop: Does not have a zero stop feature.
  • Adjustment: It takes extra time because of the precise 0.1 Mil click value.

CVLIFE 6-24×50 [Best Illuminated Hunting Scope]

Technical Specifications:

Product Description:

If you are looking for the illuminated reticle rifle scope for years of hard use at an affordable price then the CVLIFE 6-24×50 is a great choice for you.

It is loaded with an array of innovative features that you would love to have in the field. This reticle scope for the money is housed in high-strength aluminum alloy to deliver unfailing performance.

This best illuminated hunting scope carries a Tactical Mil-Dot Reticle to give you accuracy at any given shooting range. The illumination feature of this reticle makes it visible even in low light conditions.

Reticle comes in two different colors, red and green to choose from for different shooting scenarios. There are 5 brightness levels for each color.

This scope for hunting also comes with the Quick Tactical Lock and zeroing Adjustments that work on a ⅛ MOA turn system per click.

Its high power 6-24x magnification along with ultra-wide 50mm objective lens offers precision even on very small targets. Overall, it is a good scope and worth every penny. At this price range, it is unbeatable.

Package Contents
  • 6-24×50 Illuminated scope for hunting.
  • Lens Caps.
  • 2 Scope Mounts.
  • Hex Wrench.
  • Cleaning Cloth.
  • User Manual.

Pros and Cons of CVLIFE 6-24×50 Illuminated scope for Hunting

  • Price: Very Very Low Priced Scope that is packed with amazing features.
  • Zeroing: Holds zero very well at 100 yards distance.
  • Adjustments: Features-rich design with simple adjustments.
  • Power: This illuminated reticle scope comes with high magnification power.
  • Lens Covers: See-through lens caps are included in the package.
  • Length: It is almost 16 inches long.
  • Eye Relief: Short eye relief at maximum magnification.

Nikon illuminated reticle scope [Black FX1000]

Technical Specifications:

Product Description:

The Nikon Black FX1000 illuminated scope is a high-power scope for excessive overall performance at extended ranges.

Its 30mm tube is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and features classic clean styling with the cosmetic matte black finish. This illuminated rifle scope is nitrogen-purged and O-ring sealed to be fog proof and waterproof.

The FX-MOA reticle is created especially for the first focal plane optical system. This FX-MOA reticle is visible during the night and in low light, thanks to its illumination feature.

Side-mounted Illumination control features 10 intensity levels of red illumination for daytime and low light operations. It also comes with the powers down feature to save battery.

Its Lead-and-arsenic-free lenses are engineered to maximize light transmission for delivering bright and tack-sharp images of the target.

The quick focus eyepiece of this reticle scope for the money allows crisp reticle focus and quick target acquisition.

The finger reachable Side Parallax knob allows you to make an adjustment without changing your position.

Package Contents
  • Nikon illuminated reticle scope (Black FX1000).
  • Lens Caps.
  • Sunshade.
  • Allen Wrench.
  • CR2032 Battery.
  • Warranty Card.
  • Instructions.

Pros and Cons of Nikon illuminated reticle scope (Black FX1000)

  • Powers Down Feature: Power down after 60 minutes of inactivity to extend battery life.
  • FFP Illuminated Scope: Illuminated reticle is located in the first focal plane.
  • Sunshade: Nikon Black FX1000 comes with the Sunshade.
  • Quick Focus Eyepiece: This allows for quick reticle focusing and target acquisition.
  • Zero Stop: Integral zero stop feature allows for rapid return-to-zero.
  • Eye Relief: Some users complain that at 24x eye relief is a bit short.

Leupold Illuminated Reticle Scopes [Firedot Reticle Review]

Technical Specifications:

Product Description:

The ultra-lightweight design with 6061-T6 Aircraft Quality Aluminum construction provides unrivaled durability and performance for a lifetime in the field, in all conditions.

This scope is filled with nitrogen gas and is O-ring sealed to offer you absolute waterproof and fog-proof performance even in the most unfavorable situations.

The Twilight Light Management System of this reticle scope for the money eliminates 80% more glare than competitors to give you premium lens clarity to see more in less light.

Outer surfaces of the lenses are treated with extreme military-standard coatings for added protection. The fast-focus eyepiece of the Leupold VX-R 3-9×40 allows you to bring the reticle into focus quickly.

This riflescope from the experts at Leupold features a fiber optic FireDot illuminated reticle that makes aiming in dark surroundings a whole lot easier.

The illumination of the Firedot reticle can be controlled with the user-friendly push button. It also comes with the innovative motion sensor technology (MST) that deactivates illumination after 5 minutes of inactivity to save battery power and reactivates illumination when any motion is detected.

Package Contents
  • Leupold VX-R 3-9x40mm Illuminated rifle scope.
  • Leupold Sticker.
  • Owners Manual.
  • Reticle Instructions.
  • Allen Wrench.
  • CR2032 Battery.
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth.

Pros and Cons of Leupold VX-R 3-9x40mm Illuminated Rifle Scope

  • Made In the USA: Designed, Machined, and assembled in the United States.
  • Ultra-Lightweight: VX-R 3-9x40mm is ultra-lightweight and weighs only 15.3 oz.
  • Motion Sensor Technology: It deactivates the illumination after almost five minutes of inactivity and reactivates when any motion is detected.
  • FireDot Illumination: FireDot illuminated reticle for low-light hunting and shooting.
  • Price: Medium-priced red dot optics.
  • Lens Caps: Lens Covers don’t come with the purchase.


I hope you enjoyed my list of best illuminated reticle scope for the money in 2023.

Best Illuminated Reticle ScopeBest For
Vortex Optics Crossfire IIOverall Performance
Bushnell AR Optics BTR1Budget Friendly
CVLIFE AOE Rifle ScopeCheap
Nikon Black FX1000Competition
Leupold VX-R Fire DotMoney

Now, it’s your turn, 

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Good Luck.


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Now Vortex Optics is manufacturing illuminated reticle scopes that are one of the best in today’s market.  Vortex Optics Crossfire II illuminated reticle scope is the best selling in 2023. 

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