Best 308 Scope for the Money [Scopes in 2022]

best AR 15 scope for deer hunting

Unfortunately, finding the best 308 scope for the money isn’t an easy job to do because there are plenty of scopes from different manufacturers out there. We have done extensive research and gathered information about the best 308 scope for the money available in today’s market. Before jumping to the list of Best 308 scopes … Read more

Sport Optic Buying Guide: How to choose an Optic

sport optic

Before we jump into Sport Optic  Buying Guide, let us try to understand what Optics is. Do you know what an optic is? Optics is the branch of physics that deals with the behavior and properties of light (visible, ultraviolet, and infrared) and its interactions with matter, and the construction of instruments that use it. … Read more